Govt Approves Project to End Landfill

Peterborough Renewable Energy Ltd (PREL), the leading pioneer in green technologies, has today paved the way towards a landfill-free future as Government in the shape of Under Secretary of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, David Kidney MP gives the go-ahead to build the first Energy Park in the UK that will take mixed waste and recycle and remanufacture every single element to produce renewable energy, glass, building blocks, metals and compounds.

  • Today’s waste, with PREL technology, will build and power tomorrow’s housing
  • An old computer can be fully recycled to make roof tiles, glass and materials to make new computers
  • This will fundamentally change the way that we deal with waste in the UK
  • This will eliminate the need for landfill

To read the complete article see the Lowcarboneconomy website

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