Revolutionary Russian thinking in bid to go Green

High-profile officials from ProProsperity, a major player in the regeneration of the Moscow are in Peterborough this week (10-14 November 2008) for talks with Peterborough’s Renewable Energy company PREL about an initiative to develop an energypark in the Russian capital.

Moscow may be the capital of the world’s second largest oil exporter and major gas producer but city bosses are aiming to be part of the climate solution rather than part of the climate problem by reducing Moscow’s own dependence on fossil fuels.  Harnessing bio-energy power from waste and the clean technology solutions PREL offers for alternative energy are what have brought the delegation to town.

PREL‘s plans for alternative energy generation in Peterborough (currently being considered by the UK’s Department of Energy & Climate Change) are sparking interest  not only in Russia but across Europe, not least because of the ability to provide a tidy solution to waste, produce enough power to support 60,000 households and cut CO2 emission by over 600,000 tonnes a year.

PREL MD Chris Williams says: “The Russian delegation showed strong interest in exploring alternative energy strategies to power clean development. They were particularly keen on our integrated, cost-effective approach as demonstrated in our energypark concept.”

Energyparks provide space for the incubation of green businesses and communities around a smart grid that provides continuity of energy supply at a time when ageing conventional power infrastructure is decommissioned and blackouts are a real and increasing fear.

Chris adds “Moscow, in common with many Local Authorities in the UK and across Europe are attracted to the idea of having waste to energy plants on their doorstep and we will be following these initial meetings with continuing dialogue.”

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