Piecemeal Progress for Renewables – Green Energy Parks respond to Draft Energy Bill

Following the Government’s publication of the Draft Energy Bill, GEP’s Managing Director Chris Williams, has commented:

 “The waiting game continues for the renewables sector, following the publication of the draft Energy Bill this week. 

 “While the Bill is consistent with the general policy direction, crucial details still need to be confirmed to provide the stability and market confidence the industry needs. 

 “We are pleased that mechanisms are being introduced through the Final Investment Decision (FID) Enabling Project to provide immediate support for developers in advance of the Contracts for Difference (CfD) programme in 2014.  With the Renewables Obligation still up in the air, the industry is now focusing its attention on the new CfD scheme, with the hope that this will be reliable enough to support emerging technologies.  This will only become clear when the strike price is announced.”

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