Green Energy Parks Supports Call for UK Waste Management Policy Reform

Speaking in response to EEF The Manufacturer’s Organisation’s report on Defra’s waste policy, Green Energy Parks’ Managing Director, Chris Williams said:

“Robust policy reform is required to reduce investment barriers and open the door for value-added waste management to take-off in the UK.  EEF’s report clearly demonstrates the inadequacy of the current infrastructure for efficiently and sustainably managing our resources. 

 “At a time of unprecedented strain on core commodities and growing pressure on businesses to reduce costs, it is counter-intuitive that we are shipping valuable resources overseas.

 “We have the technology and know-how to utilise these resources, ready to go here in the UK, with projects like GEP’s sustainable EnergyPark in the pipeline. But legislative and regulatory certainty is vital if others are to follow our lead.  

 “Industry players are eagerly anticipating Defra’s upcoming ‘Resource Security Action Plan,’ which we hope will provide some of the answers that the UK needs.”


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