What We Do

We are all becoming more aware of the environmental impact that our daily habits and consumption have on creating waste material. The need to find safe and sustainable solutions for managing our waste is becoming a matter of urgency. Landfill is no longer the answer.

Not only is our landfill space diminishing but the very act of creating landfill sites has an impact on the environment. The biodegradable material that typically goes to landfill creates methane emissions which in turn contribute to the greenhouse effect. Pollution from organic acids, ammonia and other hazardous substances can leach into soil and water tables.

Landfill and many other waste treatment methods fail to recognise the value in waste. The EnergyPark does, and provides effective and innovative solutions to tackle such material management problems with zero waste going to landfill.

Our combination of technologies will recycle, recover and convert typically hard to process materials into new products. We can turn waste into:

  • Waste for Glass
  • Waste for Renewable Energy
  • Waste for Chemicals
  • Waste for Mercury
  • Waste for Metals