Social Responsibility

We firmly believe that if any development is to be a success it has to be rooted in its surrounding community.  That is why PREL has developed the Social Responsibility Committee model.

PREL’s first Social Responsibility Committee in Peterborough offers an opportunity for people to participate in the environmental management of the EnergyPark Peterborough facility. It is made up of 10 members – two members nominated by PREL, two members nominated by ProFoRWM (Peterborough for Responsible Waste Management Forum), two members representing local business, commercial and industrial interests and four members fromlocal Residents’ Associations, groups and organisations.The Committee represents a very real opportunity for the local community to participate in the way that an EnergyPark is run.   We would recommend that all EnergyPark projects based on the PREL model adopt a similar approach.

PREL would not have achieved what it has done so far without the people of Peterborough, and we are proud to continue this mutually beneficial relationship and to share our successes.