Site Identification and Project Evaluation

With our expert knowledge of waste streams and best available technologies, we can help you to select the best site to develop a Town and Country Planning Application or a Section 36 Electricity Act Application to the Secretary of State, based on the EnergyPark model.

PREL EnergyParks have a modular configuration and may be specified according to:

  • The number of gasifying combustors required
  • The waste to be converted to energy
  • The amount of energy needed to be produced

The choice of plant size and nature of the project will have to be decided against the background of waste available after recycling operations, distance to waste sources, availability of water for cooling, transfer stations and transport routes, distribution for electricity produced and local area conditions.

Taking local development plans and strategic positioning into account, the PREL team will assess the above to work with you to select the best location for a new development.