PREL SRC Chairman’s Report

The year has gone quickly, a lot of information sharing and planning has taken place.

A revised constitution and standing orders documents are in progress to secure a safety net for the SRC members when the charity fund is ready for the community to apply for.

We have been shown the vision for PREL’s new Greenhouses and Bio Diversity Plant / Energy Park and it is fair to say all on the committee were impressed, an exciting project which will bring to Peterborough a pride with something as innovative and forward thinking as this.

The plans for environmental management system / health and safety are being written and will take some time to complete.

The committee are setting in place the procedures to run the trusts plans for the community fund, and will be ready for when the time comes to implement them.

It has been an interesting year, some stops and starts, but overall we the committee are excited about the project for the future of Peterborough and it’s residents.


Barbara Cork

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